Finding your aesthetic

For my first post, I thought i would talk about finding your aesthetic. Your personal aesthetic is your very own taste or style. I believe it’s important to develop and know your style and what you like, as this will make shopping (especially bargain shopping) much easier. To get a feel for what you like i recommend going downtown, to the mall,  or wherever you can find shops, and take pictures of the things you identify with. If you are really starting from scratch aesthetically you could make a collage with these pictures. Also. go through magazines and rip out what you like. If you already have something of a personal style i would still recommend doing these exercises to hone your aesthetic.

My own aesthetic is a mash of a few styles. I have a love of vintage and re purposed items. I also adore old southwestern and Native-American  pieces. Lastly, I am really interested the hippie movement and their way of dress. My aesthetic is all these things, with a little bit of bohemian and girly mixed in.


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