Top 3 San Fransisco thrift stores

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Here are my 3 favorite San Fransisco thrift stores, in no particular order because i love them all so much!

1. Afterlife Boutique: This is definitely one of my go to spots when I’m looking for a beautiful genuine vintage piece. The last sweater I featured  was from this lovely shop!

988 Valencia street

2. Wasteland: One of my favorite vintage/thrift stores of all time, this huge shop also features new clothing. The new stuff is quite pricy, so stick to the back, where you can find stylish clothes on a tighter budget. They carry great shoes and bags too!

1660 Haight street

3. Community Thrift Store: This great thrift store is located on the amazing Valencia street. It has some amazing pieces for awesome prices, but be ready to dig! There’s racks and racks of stuff. Last time i was there, my sister found a pair of Urban Outfitters high waisted shorts in the $1 area!

623 Valencia street


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