My hopes and dreams for local malls

As much as I love a good mall, there’s definitely room for improvement in the way they are set up. There always seems to be just about thirty old woman stores, and then one teen store thrown in there as an afterthought. Here are a few ways I think local malls could be greatly improved.

1. separate stores according to client

it seems obvious to me that stores should be separated according to their clients age and style, Why do I see teen stores spread out, one on each level, or across the mall? Do you really think that the same person who was just in Free People is going to stroll in to Talbots right next door? No. Placing stores with similar age range and clothes style would save time and energy for the shopper.

2. real food

I don’t even think I need to explain this one.Food court food=nasty. There is often only greasy, unhealthy options available at mall. Having better, healthier food options would not only cause more people to buy it, but most likely bring down the stifling obesity rate among teenagers.

3. independent stores

Some big name stores are great, but sometimes i get tired of seeing Forever 21, H&M, and stores like that at every single mall. Perhaps if a few smaller businesses were scattered throughout it would be a more fun experience. A few little up and coming teen boutiques would be a great edition to an otherwise average mall.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! like and comment if you want me to do more like this!


One thought on “My hopes and dreams for local malls

  1. Your Talbots line made me laugh out loud. Wonder if malls mix up stores to keep different types of shoppers seek different product? I think malls are risking death if they keep the same model combined with awful food. Independent popup fashion trucks (google it) may well be the future.

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