How to be a smart shopper, right now.

Have you ever walked in to Nordstrom needing a pair of socks, and walked out three hours later with four bags of clothes and an empty wallet? You need to learn how to be a smart shopper! All it takes is a little planning and a little discipline. There are a few easy steps you should take.

1. Get inspired

First, get inspired! take a look through a few of your favorite magazines, and rip out the pieces that you love. When you’re shopping later, you can try to find similar pieces that are a little more budget friendly. This will also help you narrow your view, or help you get to know what YOU like.

2. Make a list

Now, make a list. Really consider what you absolutely NEED. Don’t make your list too long, an impossible amount of items will just overwhelm you. Keep it short and make sure you have a reasonable amount of items for your price point.

3. Have a price point, and stick to it

Before you go, make sure to have an amount of money that you’re comfortable spending, and keep it in mind when you’re shopping! Trust me, you’ll find somewhere else to spend that $50 later. That adorable sweater that dries up all your babysitting money? Maybe it would be best to get some basic pieces that you can mix and match to make a few different outfits. You won’t regret it later.

4. Remember these tricks to get great deals!

Lastly, remember these tricks next time you go on a shopping trip-

  • Shop off season! at the beginning of Autumn, you can get ALL that adorable summer stuff you’ve been yearning after dirt cheap! You’ll be excited next year!
  • If something is broken, even just a few stitches coming undone, make sure to ask the salesperson if you can get a discount. A few weeks ago, I got an amazing pair of Free People flare jeans for 10 bucks because the thread was a little pulled around the waistband!
  • Think about re-purposing! Instead of buying that fifty dollar tank top because you need a tank top SO bad, pick up that fun tie-dye T shirt in the sale section and cut off the sleeves when you get home. Not only did you get a great deal, you’ve made a unique piece that no one else will have!

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