Trendsetters: Alexa Chung

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the British TV presenter, turned model, turned fashion icon, Alexa Chung. She has a very distinct style that is often inspiration for women around the world. She is arguably one of the biggest trendsetters of the moment. She has a certain look that many women are clamoring to copy. With her effortless, boyish style, and ombre hair, her look is unique and often copied. Focusing on her hair, look how big ombre has become! So many teenagers and women alike are rocking the dyed ombre look. Many fellow celebrities such as Rachel Bilson and Miley Cyrus have also jumped on the ombre bandwagon.

   Alexa’s iconic look


  A few other celebrities rockin’ the trend.

Right now, many women are going for sexy, but Alexa has always dressed classy and cute. She has that perfect relaxed style that so many people try so hard to recreate. In my opinion, she is one of the biggest reasons that the menswear style is becoming so popular again.

She often can be seen wearing a tailored suit in place of the usual slinky dress on the red carpet. Her style is fresh and has some serious influence on the fashion world. She has had successful collaborations with brands like J Crew and Burberry. You can learn more about Alexa in this New York Times article. I think Alexa’s influence will continue to grow and that more and more people will look to her for inspiration. One thing I wish she does is interact a little more with her fans. She does have a twitter and an instagram, but I wish she had a blog. I think it would be an amazing way for her to give us advice and show us more of her amazing looks. One thing I wonder is, will she ever launch her own line? I think it would be wildly successful, what do you think?





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