Nail Obsession: Magnetic Polish

I’m really excited about a new nail polish that I purchased recently. On top of the fact that it’s a beautiful amber/coral sparkly color, it’s magnetic! Magnetic nail polish is a trend I was very curious about, but I was to cheap to buy the first few brands that came out with it (they were around $15.) Basically what it is, is a nail polish that has certain minerals that react when a magnet is hovered over the nail, resulting in an unique wavy pattern. It looks a bit like snakeskin to me. I was super excited when I found this bottle in the sale section at Urban Outfitters for a dollar! (yes, that’s $1!) I used it today and I’m very pleased, the color is beautiful and the affect awesome! All you have to do is paint the polish on your nail and then hover the magnet (on the top of the cap) over your nail for 15 seconds. It was super easy! Here are a few pics of my nails:




2 thoughts on “Nail Obsession: Magnetic Polish

    • Maybe it’s just the Urban near my house, but they always have amazing sales! I think a lot of brands are starting to sell megnetic nail polish now, I def recommend that you try it!

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